Intuition is a recognized pioneer in the field of online learning with a proven record of innovation that redefines how employees acquire knowledge.

Our online learning catalog delivers highly engaging content using the latest technologies, equipping professionals with the knowledge to deliver in a rapidly-moving global marketplace.

Our award-winning content has been developed by industry experts for professionals to ensure that organizations build talent and develop a more knowledgeable, productive and valuable workforce.

Intuition has redefined how employees learn and are supported in the workplace. We provide the largest catalog of effective, on-demand courses serving management and executives across many industry sectors including financial services, healthcare, oil & gas and software development.

Financial Services eLearning Library

The world's largest on-demand catalog on topics covering financial services, professional skills on management & leadership and cybersecurity.

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Intuition Microlearning

Intuitive mobile learning on the move. We provide a blend of videos and Intuition Knowledge Services (IKS) professional and financial skills hosted on our Rubicon NX app that you can access through

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Intuition Cybersecurity Awareness Training

An intelligent approach to cybersecurity awareness

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