Intuition works closely with our clients to design and deliver blended learning programs that meet both the learning and business objectives of their organizations. Our support model includes program management, logistics and detailed feedback - a fully outsourced end-to-end solution.

Intuition’s consultancy approach begins with an assessment which identifies gaps in a learner’s knowledge prior to classroom training. A blended program can include a comprehensive or micro type customized eLearning plan, webinars, guides, videos, learning aids and digital case studies.

Classroom content uses role specific scenarios, games and simulations to embed knowledge and increase learner interactivity.

This blend of market-leading content, subject matter expertise and best-in-class teaching methods combine to help clients deliver in line with their organization’s vision, values and culture.

Whether the business need is to create awareness on FinTech or provide executive coaching, Intuition will provide the best instructor and delivery method to suit the subject matter, audience and learning objectives.


Helping develop awareness on FinTech disruptions and how it affects a financial services client.

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CPD – IBF Compliance

Intuition has developed a series of blended programs to increase job performance while addressing the need for regulatory compliance with CPD rules for an organization’s staff and internal licenses.

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FinTech is undoubtedly changing the skillsets needed by employees to help develop their careers and demonstrate their professional standing to employers. Intuition has developed a series of blended programs aligned to the IBF’s FutureSkills curriculum.

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Financial Skills

Provide staff with the financial knowledge needed to perform in a professional context.

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Graduate programs

Help graduates onboard faster within organizations. In Asia, this frequently means blending a learning solution to supplement a global program. Our faculty of local experts and practitioners provide an Asian perspective to supplement what has been learnt in the global centers.

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Business skills

Helping learners develop the skillsets needed to apply knowledge effectively.

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